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Wednesday July 30th, 2008
Guests for the soul Summer 2008 Part 3 - Guest: Sally Trautner
Topic: Egyptian Healing Rods
Find out how to experience the healing energies used by the Pharaohs to promote personal power and vitality.

Level 1 - White Time
Oct 24, 25 26
White Time Info

Level 2 - White Time
Oct 27 & 28
White Time Info

Bring Into Manifestation NoW
What You Desire Most!

Universal Manifestation & Healing
Circle Meditation With
Egyptian Healing Rods

7:00 to 9:00 PM
in Los Angeles (Hollywood/Los Feliz)
MUST RSVP 323 664-7788 or email Healhh@aol.com
Energy Exchange at the door - $20

Authentic & Proven Energy Tools. Russian scientific research since 1994 has demonstrated that the Healing Rods are useful in relieving many unpleasant physical symptoms.

Just Five minutes holding of these Pyramid-Charged Healing Rods is equivalent to 30 minutes of Acupuncture! (NoTE from Penny - Not to worry, I am not suggesting that we don't use acupuncture or replace it-the rods enhance the treatments.)

Experience a Remarkable Energy Technology that:

  • Stimulates physical healing-Enhances Immune System
  • Strengthens the Bio-Field
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves Vitality
  • Balances all Meridians
  • Deepens Meditation
  • Enhances Psychic abilities
  • Awakens Soul Communication
  • Assists in Manifestation of the Life You Desire
  • Harmonizes Couples

The Rods, which records indicate that the Pharaohs held during their entire life, harmonized their two main energetic streams, Yin and Yang. Yin-Yang are two energy flows or principles, opposite and unified, different and homogenous at the same time. In constant association and interaction within the person, Yin-Yang are the two sources of vital energy. When they are properly interacting, the body's vital functions are supported and a person exists without any special problems. The Ancient Egyptians used the Rods with different fillings to regulate the energetic balance of one's body.

Many Blessings of Peace, Love and Joy,

TherapistUniversal White Time Healing Course
Level One

Many of the things that humans consider impossible, unbelievable, fantastic, and unusual, such as psychic gifts and the ability to travel beyond the speed of light, are governed by something called White Time, which means past, present, and future, all in one unit (one time zone). Universal White Time Healing is unique due to the fact that the healer uses the past, present and the future in one unit. The healer connects to a special Well of Force - the Universal White Time Healing Well of Force. White Time is also white Light, which is the same as all colors of Light in one. A person who works with White Time does not use their own personal force, light, energy or anything else which some other healing forms on Earth do use, with very bad consequences for the healer.
LISTEN: White Time Info

Learn about the Force of White Time and how to work with it.

Many blessings open for those who receive this understanding, including an expanded and elevated way of thinking and an improved quality of life. Universal White Time Healing was tailor made for humanity, animals, nature, and for our planet, Mother Earth. It is extremely helpful for healing physical, psychological and emotional problems and issues in life.

Basic Curriculum for Level One:

  • You will have a basic understanding of White Time and will be connected to the force of White Time for Healing
  • Information about what White Time is; The Well of White Time; How UWTH is different from other healing modalities; who created UWTH?
  • How to do hands-on and distance healing for yourself and others
  • How to balance chakras and cleanse the aura
  • How to do light touch healing, accident healing, animal and plant healing, weather healing, healing for the Earth, healing for headaches, healing of matter
  • White Time Healing as a way of life; What happens inside the healer;
  • About six point systems, the Golden Knights and the Sea of Creation
  • Learn the Golden Movement Part One
  • Learn powerful healing symbols and Healing with Ese (Total Love)
  • Initiations - Thirteen big blocks are removed in order to understand and take in the Force of Universal White Time Healing

DATE: July 18 2008 *Friday Eve 6:30-9:30pm,
PLACE: 1400 Talmadge
Los Angeles, CA
Reserve your space now with $75 deposit Class fee* $395

Download flyer Penny Layne

TherapistEgyptian Healing Rods
Workshop for Practioners

Scientific Research has found that Five minutes holding these Pyramid-Charged Healing Rods is
Equivalent to 30 minutes of Acupuncture " Acupuncturists using them in their treatments report 60 to 100% better results when using the rods with their patients!

You will learn:

  • the history of these amazing energy healing tools.
  • Instant Chakra Balancing for Relaxation.
  • Scientific research behind the healing rods
  • Healing techniques with the healing tools
  • How to determine the perfect set for each individual
  • How to use them with your patients to accelerate your current healing modalities.
  • Harmonization techniqthe rods for yourself!

  • Date: TBA
  • Venue: in Los Angeles (Hollywood/Los Feliz) (call for info)
  • Tuition:$50, $60 at the door

    Limited space - R.S.V.P. required. Call (323)664-7788 or (480)767-6200

    You will experience a Remarkable Technology Energy that:

    • Stimulates physical healing-Enh
    • Strengthens the Bio-Field
    • Reduces Stress and Improves
    • Balances all Meridians
    • Deepens Meditat
    • Assists YOU in Manifesting the Life You Desire

    Download flyer

  • Feel Free & Relaxed

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