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Belavi Facial

  • My skin feels so clean, renewed and very pampered with the hand and foot massage.
  • The lines in my forehead and throat are diminished... it looks like I had a mini-facelift!


  • I want to thank you tremendously for your care and help. You helped me out of what could have been a very dark place. I'm using the techniques you taught me and am getting results. Lots of new things are entering my life. - Donna G., 1 B.E.S.T. session
  • Counseling sessions with Penny remind me that despite all of my efforts to improve myself, I am OK just the way I am … If I want to believe it. A massage from Penny leaves my body feeling treasured, healed and relaxed. Treat yourself. You deserve it! - M.E.K., B.E.S.T. Client for 1 Year
  • I highly recommend Penny's bodywork! I believe that she is a true practioner of the healing arts. She incorporates many modalities during each session, and has great intuitiveness as a healer. I look forward with pleasure to each session and the many benefits. - Tammy D., 2 B.E.S.T. sessions


  • I feel I've been touched by an angel. Penny Layne is a master massage therapist!
  • When you are in Penny's healing hands, you're in the best hands you can be in.
  • I had to see you again...I was getting "Penny" withdrawal.
  • I've had lots of "generic" massages, but Penny's work is far above that classification. She even surpasses the Gold standard and goes to Platinum!- Ed Ford, Actor
  • Throughout my life, I have engaged the services of many massage therapists. Penny Layne is the most professional and experienced therapist I have found. She is very therapeutic in her touch and possesses incredibly healing hands. If you are lucky enough to receive one of Penny's massages, you will be immediately transported to euphoric relaxation of mind and body and spirit. - Sal B., Client for 3 Years
  • I came to Penny with chronic pain in my neck and shoulders due to stress. Penny’s massages have helped me to relieve that pain and helped me to relax in a calm, soothing environment. When I was pregnant, Penny’s massages were especially helpful for the many aches and pains (physical and emotional) of pregnancy. Not only has Penny helped me to de-stress and become pain free, she has become a good friend, always ready with advice or new techniques for healing. I have been very lucky to have Penny in my life! - Cindy D., Client for 7 Years
  • I met Penny several years ago when I was having migraine headaches. I was instantly impressed with her care and concern. Her magical fingers instinctively seem to know where the pain is. Her wonderful massage rates high on my priority scale. She is my helper & valued friend. - Alice B., Long time client


  • These first 3 treatments have released things that I was unaware of, I feel much lighter now.
  • I have definitely noticed increased energy and I am more peaceful at the same time.


  • I had been wanting to quit smoking for a long time and after the one session of Hyphotherapy, I know that my bad habit is gone forever.
  • I never believed in past lives but I certainly do now! Wow! - Bob F.

Aromatherapy Steam Sauna

  • This is the most relaxed I've felt in ages!
  • I love the fragrances in the steam... I can breathe more clearly now.

Pranic Healing

  • After just a few minutes of Penny working on my right shoulder, which had been bothering me for months, the pain & discomfort is now completely gone. It's amazing! - Tony Chase, Construction
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